Mã lỗi máy photocopy toshiba e-Studio 18

Danh mục bài viết: Mã lỗi máy photocopy Toshiba

Tổng hợp mã lỗi/ Error code của dòng máy photocopy Toshiba e-Studio 18

Mã lỗi/ Error Code Description
C01 Main motor abnormality: The main motor is not rotating normally.
C26 Peak detection error: Lighting of the exposure lamp (white reference) is not detected when power is turned ON.
C41 Thermistor or heater abnormality at power-ON: Abnormality of service call the thermistor is detected when power is turned ON or the temperature of the fuser roller does not rise in a specified period of time after power is turned ON.
C43 Thermistor abnormality during warming up or in ready status after abnormality judgment
C44 Heater abnormality after abnormality judgment: The temperature of the fuser roller has exceeded the range of control (in this case, the main switch turns OFF automatically) or does not even reach the range.
C45 Thermistor abnormality during printing: Abnormality of the thermistor is detected during printing.
C97 High-voltage transformer abnormality: Leakage of the main charger is detected.
C9A Flash ROM writing error
CA1 Polygonal motor abnormality: The polygonal motor is not rotating normally.
CA2 H-Sync detection error: H-Sync detection PC board cannot detect laser beams.
CE5 Temperature/humidity sensor abnormality
CE9 Drum thermistor abnormality
F07 Engine connection abnormality
F09 EEPROM error


* Cho thuê máy photocopy toshiba màu hộp mực chất lượng cao.

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