Mã lỗi máy photocopy Toshiba e-Studio 16

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Tổng hợp mã lỗi/ Error code máy photocopy Toshiba e-Studio 16.

Mã lỗi/ Error Code Mô tả/ Description
C01 Main motor drive error
C04 PFP main motor drive error
C06 LCF feed motor error (DP2000/2500 series)
C13 Cassette 1 error
C14 Cassette 2 error
C15 Cassette 3 error
C16 Cassette 4 error (DP2000/2500 series)
C18 LCF tray error (DP2000/2500 series)
C19 LCF feed motor abnormal (DP2000/2500 series)
C21 Carriage initialization error
C25 Scanner unit watch dog error
C26 Exposure lamp disconnection or peak detection error
C38 Replaced process unit error
C41 Abnormal thermistor or heater disconnection at power ON
C43 Warming up mode after disconnection judgment, or abnormal thermistor after ready
C44 Warming up mode after disconnection judgment, or heater abnormal after ready
C45 Thermistor disconnection at the end part of heater
C56 Communication error between PFC and main unit
C57 Communication error between main unit and IPC (DP2000/2500 series)
C58 Communication error between IPC and finisher (DP2000/ 2500 series)
C71 Paper supply motor lock error
C73 EE-PROM initialization error
C74 Defective adjustment by the exit/reversal sensor detected
C81 Fan motor lock error
C82 Document aligning lower sensor (RADF)/Aligning sensor (ADF) adjustment error
C83 Size length adjustment error
C91 SRAM abnormality (Lithium battery or SRAM chip are abnormal.)
C95 Power supply unit fan motor abnormality
C96 Process unit fan motor abnormality
C97 Vacuum fan motor abnormality
C98 Clock IC abnormality
C99 PFC microcomputer abnormal
CA1 Polygon motor abnormal
CA2 HSYNC abnormal
CB2 Exit motor abnormal
CB5 Staple motor abnormal
CC3 Set processing motor abnormal
CC8 Front aligning motor abnormal
CC9 Upper tray elevator motor abnormal
CCA Lower tray elevator motor abnormal
CCB Rear aligning motor abnormal
E01 Paper jam inside the machine
E02 Paper jam near the fuser unit
E03 Paper remaining inside the machine at power on (Except for ADF/RADF)
E08 Transporting jam inside the ADU
E09 Time out error that occurs at the paper feeding sensor
E11 Paper feeding jam at the ADU
E12 Paper feeding jam at the SFB
E13 Cassette 1 feeding jam
E14 Cassette 2 feeding jam (PFU)
E15 Cassette 3 feeding jam (PFP)
E16 Cassette 4 (CM) feeding jam (DP2000/2500 series)
E19 LCF feeding jam (DP2000/2500 series)
E31 Paper not reach to feed sensor from cassette 2, so paper jam inside the main unit during cassette 2 feed
E32 Paper not reach to feed sensor from cassette 3 or 4, so paper jam inside the main unit during the feed
E33 Paper not reach to feed sensor from LCF cassette. (DP2000/2500 series)
E34 Paper not reach to 2nd cassette feed sensor from cassette 3 or 4. (Cassette 4 is DP2000/2500 series)
E35 Paper jam in cassette 4 transport path (DP2000/2500 series)
E36 Paper jam in LCF transport path (DP2000/2500 series)
E41 Copier front cover or side cover is opened during copying (Copier front cover, side cover, or transport cover of job separator/offset tray/bridge cover is opened during copying)
E42 Side cover of cassette 2 or cassette 3 is opened during copying
E43 ADU is opened during copying
E45 Side cover of LCF is opened during copying (DP2000/ 2500 series)
E71 Original feeding jam at the feeding area of the ADF or RADF
E72 Original transporting jam at the transporting area of the ADF or RADF
E73 Original exiting jam at the exiting area of the ADF or RADF
E74 Original reversing jam at the reversing area of the RADF
EA1 Paper transport delay jam
EA2 Paper transport stop jam
EA3 Paper remaining on the finisher transport path at power ON
EA4 Finisher is opened during copying
EA5 Finisher staple jam
EA7 Set transport jam before stapling
EAF Stapled set transport jam
F11 Scanner I/F error
F12 Write error at downloading the scanner unit program
F13 Download sector error of the scanner unit program
F14 Scanner unit F-ROM error
F31 Modem IC does not work normal
F41 Initial detection error of the offset catch tray


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