Mã lỗi/ Code máy photocopy Toshiba 2532, 2540

Danh mục bài viết: Mã lỗi máy photocopy Toshiba

Tổng hợp mã lỗi/ Error code của 2 dòng máy photocopy Toshiba 2532 và 2540:

Code Description
A4 Sorter problem
A5 Communication problem with main board
A6 Communication problem with sorter
A7 Communication problem with ADF
A9 Exposure lamp problem or auto exposure problem
C2 Communication problem between main board
C5 Scan won’t initialize or won’t move
C7 Fuser problem: To clear fuser code, go to 0 & 8 mode, code 89
CC ADF belt motor or exit motor not turning
CF Auto toner adjustment did not take
CP Drive problem in machine
E1 Jam
E2 Fuser jam
E3 Jam
E4 Front door was opened during copy cycle
E5 Feed jam

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